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Must-watch videos of the week

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The Soda Springs community in Nevada County, California, has found itself buried under massive amounts of snow, and more is likely on the way.

Posted: Mar 31, 2019 2:10 AM
Updated: Mar 31, 2019 2:10 AM

A 35-mile police chase takes an unexpected turn. The Pope dodges germs. An iconic rapper owns up to their past. These are the must-see videos of the week.

Kiss the ring ... or not

Worshippers around the world line up to meet Pope Francis. But, how do you appropriately greet the Bishop of Rome. Go for a hug? Shake hands? Or try to kiss his ring? Not so fast. Late-night comedians Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel poke fun at the Pope for playing hard to get.

Let it snow

This California community is truly walking in a winter wonderland with homes buried in snowfall. Packed powder has stacked up to second story windows and frozen walls stand more than 10 feet tall. This may sound like a dream for those on the slopes but many residents are over it.

Coming in hot

Plot twist! A suspect is in custody after a helicopter crew landed to take him down. Typically, the highway patrol helicopter remains in the air to keep eyes on the suspect but after a 35-mile chase a flight officer jumped in to help.

Whole new level

What do a dinosaur, a cow and a group of babies have in common? Well, images of all three were seen on the Senate floor. Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) used poster boards with these pictures to mock the Green New Deal. CNN's Anderson Cooper joked about the senator's political props.

Can't erase the past

Cardi B has addressed her past as a dancer with hit songs like "Bodak Yellow." Now, the rapper has opened up even more after a 3-year-old Instagram Live video resurfaced in which she said she had drugged and robbed men during her days as a stripper in the Bronx.

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