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"Maybe before mommy wasn't making the right choices, but mommy is going to make the right choices from here on out," local woman speaks out on life after addiction

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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - It's all about the three c's at Recovery Café: community, connection, and coffee.

Its goal is to create a safe and inclusive space -- accessible to all. No matter the recovery challenge.

Grinding coffee beans...that's a sound Michelle Maxwell will be hearing a lot.

Maxwell is training to become a barista at Recovery Café.

Looking at her now, you would have never known she has been trying to beat her methamphetamine addiction for years.

Today, she's 133 days clean.

In just two months at next step, she has completely turned her life around.

"They help me want to stay in recovery. That's the thing. It's not just sober. I want to stay in recovery."

That's why Maxwell jumped at the opportunity to become a barista at the café.

"Awesome, I have not stopped smiling since this morning. It's a good feeling. It's good to see all the people come in and see all the smiling faces. "

Maxwell tells me Recovery Café is all about finding something bigger than yourself.

That's the motto she lives by day in and day out.

To Maxwell, "bigger than herself," means doing it for her 7-year-old daughter.

"Maybe before mommy was not making the right choices, but mommy is going to make the right choices from here on out and mommy is going to be there for her."

Being a recovering addict herself, Maxwell knows how much the community will benefit from this resource.

"People like us, people like me that thought for a long time that nobody cared...that it wasn't possible for me to recover. They changed my life. So the more people that know that recovery is possible, the better, and this is the place to find it."

The Recovery Café plans on opening in early January.

To find out more information on how you can get involved click here.

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