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The I-70 killer murdered six people in 1992 - including one in Terre Haute. Now, police have released new sketches of the suspect

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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - Police hope a new piece of information will lead to answers in a decades-old killing spree.

The so-called I-70 killer's crimes happened nearly 30 years ago. One of those murders happened right here in Terre Haute.

Police are still working to identify the man they say killed six people in three states over the course of 29 days.

The murders happened between April 8, 1992, and May 7, 1992.

On Wednesday, police in Missouri released a brand new sketch of the suspect. On Thursday, we talked with the Terre Haute Police Department for an updated local perspective.

Do you recognize this unique weapon that may have been used in 1992 I-70 killing spree?

Investigators plan to hold a task force meeting on the case in early November. They wanted to release an updated sketch ahead of the meeting.

Terre Haute Police Detective Brad Rumsey told us he hopes this sparks public interest again.

"Maybe he's out there in a place where someone may recognize him. Maybe he's even moved back to an area where some of these killings could have happened," Rumsey said. "It's always good to give a fresh look to something old like this."

After 30 years, local investigators' goal remains the same, justice for Terre Haute's Michael McCown. McCown was shot in his family's store in April of 1992.

Despite the passing years, Rumsey says there are still people - like McCown's family, who want this case resolved.

"It's not just a matter of this was a 30 years ago thing...nobody cares about this anymore. There are real people still alive that have a vested interest in what happens with it," Rumsey said.

The task force will talk about new evidence examination methods when they meet in a couple of weeks.

Detective Sergeant Troy Davis, with the Terre Haute Police Department, said there's a difference in the investigation tools used then versus now.

THPD, along with several other police agencies, meet in Missouri to discuss I-70 Killer

"We did not have the technology we had now. We did not have the training police officers go through now. Not to say the police officers didn't do the right things. They did do the right things with what they had to work with," Davis said.

He told us the biggest asset investigators have today is DNA. He said police found several items at the crime scene. Officers found several items on the site of the killings. Now those items can be tested.

"Back in the 90s, DNA evidence was almost unheard of. Now we use it almost every day in the criminal justice system," Davis told us.

                                          Police said the murder weapons were the Erma Werke ET22 and Intratec Scorpion 

THPD, along with several other police agencies, meet in Missouri to discuss I-70 Killer

The DNA found at the scene can now be compared against a national database. It will also help develop a DNA profile of the killer.

If you have any information on this investigation, you are encouraged to reach out to the police.

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