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New store is opening in the 12 points area

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New store is opening in the 12 points area

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) -- It's something a lot of small business owners hope to accomplish one day, opening their very own storefront. One couple is celebrating opening their very first store this weekend at the 12 points area in Terre Haute.

Gabrielle and Wyatt Sons are the owners of Sons Spice Company.

The couple started their business at the Terre Haute Farmer's Market. Since then the business steadily grew and now the Sons are opening up a storefront.

Gabrielle said, "We are really excited to be here because I think it's the start of something big. There's so much community support in 12 points that I think is the perfect place for a store like us to open."

That support of the community came in many forms for the small business.

Support ranging from people reaching out asking about the small business, to companies in the area giving Sons the chance to start something new.

Owners said the store couldn't be open without the help of Three Sisters Investments, or Parq at 12 points.

Sons told News 10 the investment company is letting them rent the space of the storefront at a very low cost.

Owners said this kind of support not only helped them be able to get a storefront but also be a part of something bigger.

Gabrielle said, "So many people when we opened they're like, 'oh you're going to be a part of this new story.' so, it's not like 'oh you're just opening a store,' we're a part of this history now."

Sons said they're in 12 points history by being the first store to open in the Parq building.

Owners said they can't wait to see what the future may hold with other stores in the area.

They told us their own grand opening is a new beginning for them and everyone in the community.

Owners said, "With Local Vinyl opening, and Farm Fresh opening I think this strip will be like a really cool thing where you can come and spend a couple of hours because you can come to shop our store, then go to local vinyl, and enjoy something at farm fresh. And it really does feel like, kind of like a family."

Both Gabrielle and Wyatt told News 10 they're thankful to everyone who has supported them throughout their journey, and they are excited to see where the 12 points area will be in the future.

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