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Local hero continues to help others while fighting for his life

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VINCENNES, Ind. (WTHI) - Matt Bowman's life has been filled with helping people. He's served as a firefighter and a nurse at the hospital. Since his breast cancer diagnosis back in 2017 his passion helping people has evolved into something bigger.

In 2020, Bowman told News 10, "Men are too proud and too masculine to say oh I have breast cancer."

In October he explained that strong message. But it's been a rough year since then.

Bowman explains, "I had a case of covid last year. Just a normal case. Was home for three weeks."

After his recovery bowman was back to work, helping people.

Bowman says, "Earlier this year I had a couple episodes where I aspirated. So they thought I had pneumonia. Come to find out it was actually my cancer was back."

Two nodules had been found, one on each of Bowman's lungs. The fight began again to save his life.

Bowman says, "I went from walking and working overtime in may to oxygen bound in three weeks."

Bowman is now in the ICU at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Bowman explains, "My prognosis is terminal. That's the decision I am having to make right now."

But he's still fighting for himself...and for others.

Bowman says, "Breast cancer affects one percent of men a year. But it is found most often later because it doesn't, people don't believe it exists."

Helping others has always been bowman's purpose in life. Making sure people take their health seriously and get the help they need as soon as they can.

Bowman says, "We don't know, had we found this six months ago, nine months ago, where would we be? I don't know."