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Jasper County starts drive-thru COVID-19 vaccine clinic

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JASPER COUNTY, Ill. (WTHI) - During these difficult times, people in jasper county are coming together.

Deborah Riddle with the Jasper County Health Department says, "This is Jasper county and this is how it works here. Most people know in a rural county generally, everybody has worked together for years, everybody knows each other. All you have to do is ask for help and it shows up."

It's an undertaking that hasn't been seen in this small community since 9/11. Dozens upon dozens of volunteers gearing up to get those most vulnerable the vaccine.

Riddle explains, "We've got teams that will converge on the vehicle. There's a nurse, a clerk, and a runner on those teams. They give the vaccine. They make sure everything is a go. Everybody gets their card."

Hundreds of cars made their way through line. That's for 400 people getting vaccinated.

Riddle says, "We have an FM transmitter. We put an antenna up so as people come in and they're waiting in line the instructions for what all is going to be going on is playing over and over again on their radios."

The process works like a well-oiled production line. Jasper County school's transportation shed acting as a makeshift clinic. Neighbors coming together in unity to protect each other.

Riddle says, "This is exactly what we prepared for. I love this staff. I love my staff and all these volunteers. I know every single one of them. It's just amazing."

To register for the COVID-19 vaccine: Click Here

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