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Investigation into Sullivan County Coroner Tracy Tackett to continue after his death

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SULLIVAN, Ind. (WTHI) - An investigation into Sullivan County Coroner Tracy Tackett will continue after his death. 

Tuesday, police said the man they found dead in a truck was Sullivan County Coroner Tracy Tackett. His cause of death appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot. 

The criminal investigation into Tackett is still moving forward. State police say they will be investigating and getting any alleged victims the help they need.

This comes after a YouTuber with the account name of "Expose Your Local Pedophile" posted a video of Tackett allegedly trying to meet up with a 14-year-old girl.


Police say since these allegations, Tackett's and the YouTuber's electronic devices have been taken to use for evidence.

"Our forensic scientists are going to go through that information. They're going to make sure that information matches up appropriately and make sure that there were no other crimes that were committed," said Indiana State Police (Putnamville) Public Information Officer Matt Ames.

He says more people have filed complaints against Tackett.

"We have received two additional complaints on Mr. Tackett, however, the statute of limitations has run out on those complaints," said Ames.

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The statute of limitations is an Indiana law that says once a person reaches 31 years of age and they have not reported a crime, that crime can't be prosecuted. 

Both people who made allegations in this case are outside of that timeframe. However, Ames says the original criminal investigation will continue.

"The original investigation that the Indiana State Police was conducting on a possible crime is still ongoing," said Ames.

As the investigation continues, Ames says it is important for survivors of sexual assault, regardless of these circumstances, should reach out for help.

He says the help will be there promptly.

"Getting the help they could need could be very quick...We're going to refer them to a counselor and once they set up their meeting with a counselor," said Ames.

He says if you need help, call the Indiana State Police Putnamville post at 1-800-742-0717.

News 10 reached out to the YouTuber "Expose Your Local Paedophile" and expect to have a statement sometime Thurdsay.

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