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Covid-19 vaccine for five to eleven year old children now available in Jasper County

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JASPER COUNTY, Ill. (WTHI) - Jasper County announced this week that they had received the pediatric version of the covid-19 vaccine. This came after weeks of waiting. The wait all comes down to community size.

Deborah Riddle with the Jasper County Health Department explains, "The state sent vaccine out to multiple counties. The smallest shipment they were shipping out was three hundred doses which we knew we did not need in jasper county. So we ordered along with Lawrence county and we'll get our vaccine from Lawrence county for the kids."

Jasper and Lawrence County have been working together a lot during the pandemic. The move helps to keep from wasting any unused vaccine.

On Tuesday, calls began coming in. All to schedule a time to get kids in. The first vaccine clinic is already full.

Riddle says, "It took most of yesterday afternoon to get it filled up. But we have other dates scheduled so we'll continue to get the kids in."

Kids will be getting their shot inside the health department. This is to help give kids a more relaxing place to get the vaccine. But boosters are a different story.

In the past, residents in Jasper County lined up for blocks to get the shot. Now, as they come back for their booster, they'll be in line again, but this time at the health department.

Riddle says, "I think we've got this handled. I think it'll go ok. I'm not sure you know after the holidays if more people will decide to get the booster. But we'll just judge it as we go."