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"An absolute godless mindset" - Republicans uproar after Illinois Senate votes to repeal The Parental Notification of Abortion Act

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - The Illinois Senate voted Tuesday to repeal a several decades old abortion law.

This law is called "The Parental Notification of Abortion Act."

It required minors to alert a parent or guardian 48 hours before proceeding with an abortion.

The law did not require the child to get consent from the parent.

Lawmakers voted to repeal the law 32 to 22.

State Democrats hope to replace the law with the "Youth Health and Safety Act."

Organizations such as Planned Parenthood are in support of this motion.

They say that ever since this act has been in effect -- it has done nothing but cause harm to young people.

On the other hand, some Illinois Republicans are not happy with the decision to relieve the state of one of their last restrictions on abortions.

Illinois State Senator Darren Bailey says minors shouldn't be able to get an abortion without talking with their parents first.

"I'm going to call it what it is...other than just an absolute godless mindset. What's driving this -- to allow a 12-year-old girl to make her own decision without the consent of her parents," Bailey said.

"I simply cannot fathom the recklessness of a bill like this."

The repeal is currently being debated in a House Committee.

Bailey says it could potentially wind up on the floor Wednesday evening or at some point Thursday.