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3 fatal car crashes within 24-hours in the Wabash Valley

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VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) -- After 3 fatal car crashes in the Wabash Valley in less than 24 hours Indiana State Police Sgt. Matt Ames is asking for drivers to be more cautious.

Both crashes involved semi-trucks and both took young lives.

Wednesday night a crash on Interstate 70 claimed the life of a 19-year-old. Thursday night a crash in Carlisle Indiana claimed the life of an 18 and 16-year-old.

ISP Sgt. Matt Ames said that accident happened because of the disregarding of a stop sign.

That's why he is pleading with all drivers to pay attention to the road and to signage on the road.

Whether that be a stop sign, speed limit sign, or any other sign. He said those signs are there to help prevent crashes and to help keep everyone safe.

"We have signs, we have speed limits put in place for reasons. For the safety of the motorists that are out there driving," Ames said. "Unfortunately, there's a family now that has lost 2 members and it's a small community and this is going to take a long time for the community of Carlisle and Sullivan to get over the situation of what happened today."

Sargent Ames said parents should also sit their young drivers down and talk about the major responsibility that comes when you first get your license.

He also said it's helpful to set rules and regulations and hold them accountable for their actions. That way they know driving should be a privilege and comes with consequences. 

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