Reaction to Dr. Danny Tanoos retiring

Tanoos started teaching in 1979 and will serve 20 years as superintendent.

Posted: Tue Feb 13 07:47:48 PST 2018
Updated: Tue Feb 13 07:47:48 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Reaction to Dr. Danny Tanoos retiring

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the vigo county school corporation this morning. superintendent "doctor danny tanoos" -- announced he will retire... at the end of this year. he celebrates "38" years in education. news 10's kiley thomas is live at the vigo county school corporation with reaction. //////////// this summer -- "doctor danny tanoos" will walk through these doors for the last time as superintendent. it's a role he's held for "20" years in vigo county. his term as superintendent will end "july first". he will help transition the next school leader -- until he officially retires december "31st" of this year. tanoos made the announcement -- in front of a packed house at last night's school board meeting. sitting in the audience -- was an a-p government class from terre haute north vigo high school. a handful of students needed to attend a meeting for a project. little did they know the meeting they chose to attend would have such an impact. "we're just coming in here for government class, and it shows procrastinatin g pays off because we're coming towards a deadline for this assignment. and yeah ... it was definitely something we didn't expect." "you could kind of feel the emotions in the room. it was off putting. but you knew it was coming." you'll find "tanoos" full statement on our website. that's wthi tv dot com. live -- kt news 10. people who live in two illinois communities -- now know a little

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