Hutsonviile and Palesitne

Hutsonviile and Palestine

Posted: Mon Feb 12 20:17:36 PST 2018
Updated: Mon Feb 12 20:17:36 PST 2018

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that's why they hosted a town hall to educate voters on what's at stake. news 10s alia blackburn reports from illinois. some residents say they're not convinced merging hutsonville and palestine schools is the best option. that's after monday night's town hall meeting at lincoln trail community college. over time, both districts say they have struggled with issues like declining enrollment and teacher shortages. they believe merging the two can help provide opportunities for students like class options and more credits... but as some residents explained, they're not totally convinced that consolidating the best option. sherry creed, "we don't have to do anything we're financially sound. there's no reason to move forward yet and when hutsonville's ready we would love to have them come to palestine. we're ready to fix our high school we have people ready to donate the time and the money to fix our school up." voters will hit the polls in march to decide about consolidating hutsonville and palestine schools, but until the committee of 10 will host two more town halls so you can find out all you can before making your decision. we have dates and times online at . reporting from ltcc in robinson illinois, alia blackburn back to you. a firm with a lot of experience is looking into

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