Vigo County School Corporation Meeting

Vigo County School Corporation Meeting

Posted: Mon Jan 22 19:24:24 PST 2018
Updated: Mon Jan 22 19:24:25 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Vigo County School Corporation Meeting

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for the real world. we're talking about the indiana family -- career and community leaders of america or "f-c-c-l-a." it's for students with an interest in family and consumer sciences -- taking their passion to new levels. news 10's alia blackburn joins us now with how its already working in vigo county. the vigo county school corporation is putting the spotlight on f-c-c-l-a. that's as the student group was recognized for their hard work in the community at tonight's school board meeting. in high schools like west vigo... students are finding their calling to get involved. "just wanted to you know, help people around me." "i've always loved talking to people. i'm like a very talkative person." a perfect combination for sophmores alyssa butler and jenna minor. they're part of family -- career and community leaders of america at their school. "they work on leadership activities, they do competitions, but they become a more rounded student." career and technical education director -- doug dillion -- says it promotes not only college but "career" readiness. through activites like community service -- students learn to problem solve with critical and creative thinking. "it teaches the kids how to give back to the community, how to interact with adults and how to do those extra things... in the big picture, our community is the big winner as well as the kids." while some students are just beginning their high school years... "it's giving you a sense of how even small things can make a big impact on the world..." it's helping them gain a head start in adult life... "if i were to talk with any other high schooler that didnt have a group to join, i'd say join fccla." the spotlight on the group comes at a good time... they're actually in the middle of a project focused on promoting and marketing f-c-c-l-a. so as you can imagine -- the students were very excited to make it on the news tonight. back to you. foster kids face a

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