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January 22nd Rick's Rallies

Top plays in Wabash Valley

Posted: Mon Jan 22 15:50:58 PST 2018
Updated: Mon Jan 22 15:50:58 PST 2018

Speech to Text for January 22nd Rick's Rallies

Below is the closed-captioning text associated with this video. Since this uses automated speech to text spelling and grammar may not be accurate.

n two, with 1.8 seconds to go, this kid is mister clutch with the game-winning three in the corner.... dagg wins his travel game for robinson, i love the shot...but i think i enjoyed the celebration by his dad and coach even more! we know makinzi meurer is an incredible athlete, but she's pretty smart as well that.... the north knox junior on the in bounds, throws it off the defenders back.... grabs it and scores ....head up play by meurer... barr-reeve's brycen graber goes all russell westbrook with the sweet no look pass for a vikings hoop... brycen with the nasty dime, he's just toying with the defense...... newton's nicholas cohorst shows off his athleticism with the two- handed rim rocker ..... speaking of rim-rockers..... bronson kessinger has made it a habit of putting defenders on posters this year and it did it again, this time to illinois state ... the isu big man says you better think twice about blocking my dunks or i'll posterize.... qiydar davis might have had the dunk of the season so far for isu withi this 360.... hello qiydar, he hasn't been in the conversation for the best dunker on the team but he certainly puts his name in with the sweet 360... that does it for this weeks edition of ricks rallies...keep hustling and making the plays because you never know when the camera will be on you and you could be part of the next ricks rallies.... tonight a chance of showers

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