Close Before You Doze

Close Before You Doze

Posted: Mon Jan 22 15:32:10 PST 2018
Updated: Mon Jan 22 15:32:11 PST 2018

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10's lacey clifton shares how one program is focusing on giving you more time to escape. forty years ago -- residents would have about 17 minutes to get out of their home during a fire. today -- you get about three. that's why the message of the "close before you doze" campaig is so important. it could happen when you least expect it. "fifty percent of all the fire deaths that occur in the united states occur between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. and those are obviously sleeping hours." that's why norm loudermilk with the terre haute fire department is promoting the close before you doze campaign. urging you to shut your door before going to sleep. "it'll give less opportunity for fuel for the fire, less opportunity for oxygen for the fire, and without those, the fire dies." "now you may be concerned that your door isn't the thickest or most sturdy, but loudermilk says just by putting something between you and the fire, you're already increasing your chances of survival." "average response time is less than 3 and a half minutes for the city of terre haute. that's pretty good. so if we can be at your house in three and a half minutes if your door only lasts ten minutes, then we're there with a third of the time that the door is survivable. so that gives us a chance to get you out, or to get yourself out." some may be against the close before you doze message -- saying they "sleep better with the door open." but loudermilk says the benefits out weigh being a little uncomfortable. "i understand. for a lot of years until this program came out, i used to sleep with my door open.the reality of it is we need to save lives. so i understand people being comfortable. but there's not question that closing your bedroom before you go to sleep will make sure that you live if there's a fire. loudermilk says some people install ceiling fans or trim off the bottom of their doors to help with air flow. but he says by shutting your door you can lower exposure to toxic smoke and high temperatures. back to you. if you'd like to check out more about the "cloze before

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