Local impact of government shutdown

Local impact of government shutdown

Posted: Mon Jan 22 15:30:24 PST 2018
Updated: Mon Jan 22 15:30:24 PST 2018

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are affected ... that includes many hoosiers. as news 10's abby kirk reports... some did not have a job today... nat a silent monday ... nat and---no one in sight...at the george roger's clark national park in vincennes, indiana.... this comes after the federal government "shutdown" ... park employees did not want to speak on-camera. but...this pre-recorded voicemail ...is what you get if you call the park office. nat abby: "it's locked" i walked around to find all doors locked...and notice signs...posted everywhere.... stating that the park will "reopen" normal hours once the government gets funded ... nearly "2 million government workers were forced to stay at home... government workers were forced to stay at home... "i just don't understand why, the congress, the government is fighting." laurel nardine hoped it wouldn't get to this point... "they should be working together for the better of our country." she's the owner of posh boutique. her business has sat across the park for nearly "6" years. "that is vincennes." vincennes is home to her... "the clark memorial... it's our history and our heritage." hard to watch ... as this affects real-people and her community. "i think they are fighting against each other and each others politics. instead of trying to do what is best for this country." for now, it's a waiting game...with empty parking lots and quiet streets... in vincennes, abby kirk, news 10. senators have approved a stop-gap spending bill. it will keep the government running for two and a half weeks. the house still has to vote. this will be a story we continue to follow. leaders in sullivan need your input tonight...

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