In The Zone Segment 2

High School Basketball

Posted: Fri Jan 19 20:58:52 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Jan 19 20:58:52 PST 2018

Speech to Text for In The Zone Segment 2

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have a full team, they've been dangerous this year... that showed wednesday night, when south vermillion beat west vigo for the first time since 2009.... south vermillion was on the road at greencastle.... wildcats bryce mcleish gets the shooters bounce, three of his 15......south vermilion trailed 13-11 after a quarter ... south vermillion had a no answer for greencastle star colin york...he had a game-high 26 points .... south vee answers back with a three from brice gilman..... wildcats down 16-14 in the second quarter... when you play south vermillion six-ten big man braden kalber is always a force to be reckon with... the senior with two blocks in one possession....he finsihed with four blocks... conner van-lan-en gives south vermillion a 19- 17 lead, after he splashes home a three ball... interesting final seconds of the first half....van-lan- en looks like he gives south vermillion a lead heading to the locker room, but the ref inadvertently blows his whistle before the buzzer... the shot goes in, but the refs call it off was actually good....greenca stle went to the half up 23- 22.... that play didn't decide the game, but it didn't help south vermillion... greencastle wins at home 46-40.... rockville was looking to end a six-game losing streak, the rox entertained north vermillion.... trevor eppert wasn't a very kind guess at the roc-a- dome.....the north vermillion junior says get that shot out of here.. hunter michalic with a great back door pass to landon newnum for the hoop and harm.... newnum went for 27 points.... north vermillion's chris ellis comes off the screen on the wing and tickles the twine from downtown.... newnum scored a bunch, but the rockville guard with the nice assist to garrett nichols who kisses two off the glass.. it was special night for landon newnum,he scored his one- thousand career point....look at him, money on the pull-up three... newnum is just the 11th boys rox player to score a thousand points.... rockville snaps a six-game losing streak ....rox win 67-55 over north vermillion... [540]no 12 iu michigan state-vo it doesn't get much more difficult

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