Washington, Indiana arrest

Washington, Indiana arrest

Posted: Fri Jan 19 19:18:36 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Jan 19 19:18:37 PST 2018

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you tonight ... it comes from our southern bureau. one southern, indiana man is in jail, and police are looking for another suspect. here's what we can tell you... the washington, indiana police department arrested david redmond. he's from washington. he faces several charges. these include armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery resulting in bodily injury among other charges. those charges stem from an incident that happened outside of griffith elementary on january 3rd of this year. police are looking for a second suspect. that person is laking clay. clay will also face charges for conspiracy to commit armed robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery resulting in bodily injury. police say anyone with information should call the washington police department. that number is on your screen. you can also find it at w-t-h- i-tv dot com. [b4]sony tax abatements-vo in the wake of layoff at sony dadc, many of you are asking what's going to happen to their tax

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