Emergency Hovercrafts

Emergency Hovercrafts

Posted: Fri Jan 19 15:50:25 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Jan 19 15:50:25 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Emergency Hovercrafts

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california. that's after deadly mudslides ripped through the area. but a terre haute businessman says he has the tools to help out in catastrophes like these. it's a unique way to get around... that may save lives. news 10 photojournalis t john timm shows you how... "the hovercraft was originally invented as a way of traveling over water at high speeds, but actually it's the only vehicle that is amphibious." "it's the only vehicle that can get into places where there's fast flowing water or where the water is immensely shallow or deep. where there's mud. where there's thin ice. where there's snow." "so it's immensely useful for saving lives, not only victims but first responders as well." "we are trying to plant the seed to let people know, look there is a better way than pushing a ladder out on ice or crawling through mud with your hands and by your feet were as you can be hovering over the situation and these craft have been used in many of these cases." "bedford had one, had a hovercraft for rescue work. terre haute and vigo county had one for awhile. government agencies such as the border patrol use them for cruising up and down the rio grand river. so there are many situations where the craft have been used, especially airports, us airforce use them out in utah." "the technology has been around a long time. it's extremely useful technology. it's quit simple, but most people are still unaware that this is available. it's not expensive. it's very safe and it really should be put into mass use and that's my dream to see a lot more people using this not only for rescue but for recreation and other things." i'll have your full forecast...coming up after the break. but

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