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Library host first crackerbarrel session of 2018

Saturdays session had three political officials on the panel. Senator Jon Ford, as well as State Representative Clyde Kersey and Robert Heaton, were there to answer questions.

Posted: Sat Jan 13 15:41:18 PST 2018
Updated: Sat Jan 13 15:41:19 PST 2018

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that's what many came to do at this morning's crackerbarrell session in vigo county. the sessions are made for you to share questions and concerns with "your" elected officials. news 10's garrett brown has more from today's event. even though the weather is quite frigid that didn't stop people from all over the valley from coming to terre haute. the reason for doing so was to speak their minds. not only to others in the area, but to those elected officials who serve the state. the vigo county public library wasn't just a location for checking out books saturday morning. it also served as the meeting place for the first cracker barrel session of 2018. citizens wishing to get their voices heard showed up for a chance to walk up to the podium. "its that time period where people from our county and surrounding areas can actually get up and ask their elected official a question or give a statement on what's important to them." todays session had three political officials on the panel. senator jon ford as well as state representative clyde kersey and robert heaton were there to answer questions. they gave the community an idea of what to expect this coming session. as well answers questions from those wishing to have their voice heard. "i think the session went very well. it was well attended. a lot of good questions and comments that we're made." among the topics discussed in the session was medicaid, work force development, the states minimum wage and also voting alternatives. it was a multitude of topics that they discussed one on one with each person who asked them. overall the elected officials were very happy to see such a turnout to the first session. "its good that more people are wanting to get engaged and to see how the process works and to share with us some of their thoughts and problems that they may have." it's an event that everyone hopes will not only better the community. but also get their voice heard on some major upcoming state issues. "we elect them but then we also need to give them some guidance of what we think is important. if we don't use our voice nobody knows what is important to us." now sunday night i will go into further detail of one of the biggest topics discussed. the topic that entailed a new form of voting. the next cracker barrel session is scheduled for february 10th. back to you. several

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