Local hospitals and the flu

Local hospitals and the flu

Posted: Fri Jan 12 19:29:09 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Jan 12 19:29:10 PST 2018

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sick... this comes as flu cases are on the rise around the country. news 10's kylee stewart tells us how those taking care of sick patients are giving it their all... in order to help sick patients.. hospitals have to have a healthy staff.. but what happens when even the staff gets sick? many hospitals across the nation are having trouble as the flu virus continues to spread. nurses and doctors are finding themselves sick.. and those who "are healthy" are working "overtime"... thankfully -- terre haute regional hospital says they are doing "all" they can t make sure their hospital stays in good condition... one doctor says all staff members were encouraged to get the flu shot early in the year.. and they make sure staff members are ready for their shift .. "we meet twice a day at least for our staffing to see where our staffing in the morning and where we're going to be in the evening. so we have been very very diligent about our staffing for our patients." doctor singh says as the flu season "will" continue.. protec yourself by getting the flu shot.. and washing your hands frequently.. back to you... today... the "centers for disease control and

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