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State of the State Focus Group talk child services

State of the State Focus Group talk child services

Posted: Fri Jan 12 19:24:37 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Jan 12 19:24:38 PST 2018

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holcomb spoke about leadership changes within the "indiana department of child services" during his annual address. however... she thinks more should be done "right now" to protect hoosier kids. news 10's heather good has more from a special focus group. you heard from governor eric holcomb earlier this week... as he addressed concerns about d-c-s. he says an outside agency will assess the program. but -- members of our focus group wonder ... what's next. "i was glad to hear that as governor of our state... ...that no one cares more about the safety of children then what he cares about, however, again, there's no plan. there's no breakdown." members of this special focus group say they want to know what is being done to help kids now... "i think the assessments a good step but how long is that going to take and how many children are going to be displaced or not placed properly while we're waiting for that particular assessment to take place?" they also have concerns about transparency. "sometimes we just pick and choose what we want to do the assessment at and i think it has to be an overall assessment of every aspect within that." some say the governor should do more to recognize foster parents... not just case-workers. "the whole thing falls apart if there is no place to place these children." a foster mom herself... cundiff says more has to be done to improve communications throughout dcs... and with people like her on the front lines. i also spoke with the focus group about topics missing from the governor's address. mom -- andi taylor -- says she is disappointed... but not surprised holcomb failed to bring up cbd oil. others say... mental health and suicide should be focused on, too. for full coverage of the governor's

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