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Road Conditions overnight

Road Conditions overnight

Posted: Fri Jan 12 19:22:50 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Jan 12 19:22:50 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Road Conditions overnight

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responded to 20 slide offs.. 13 property damage crashes.. and 2 minor injury crashes in the area today. that was just from 6 this morning through 6-30 this evening. tonight... there's a chance any melted snow will re-freeze... blowing snow is also a concern.. news 10's rondrell moore is in downtown terre haute.. he joins us now live with an update.. step outside and you know the weather story... i don't have to tell you it's cold. but here's what i want to show you ... this is ohio street. the street department did a great job plowing it... but take a look ... it's not dry. in fact all that moisture has re-frozen ... making it slick. and it's not just here. earlier today we heard from homeland security in a conference call. they say much of indiana dealt with the same conditions. and they've seen roads all over in bad shape. finding the conditions for streets can be tricky. they have some places where you can go to get road info. 16:04:42,17 "we recommend folks look at the indiana travel advisory app. you can download that on your iphone or android. and also indiana's department of transportation has their traffic wise program as well to monitor conditions and road closures across the state. " all of those resource are on our website.. the best advice.. if you have to hit the roads tonight, drive carefully. back to you... the sullivan county sheriffs office, sullivan city police and state

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