Southern Indiana Driving Conditions

Southern Indiana Driving Conditions

Posted: Fri Jan 12 17:03:40 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Jan 12 17:03:40 PST 2018

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central location for many slide offs and accidents. i had seen at least 2 take place in the span of an hour at one point. but the reason why so many are on the roads is to get prepared for tomorrow's weather. many stores in sullivan were packed friday. but the biggest concern wasn't the crowds. it was the condition of the roads. "typically i get here in 25 minutes but today it was a little over an hour. i think my top speed was about thirty. just the curves going through graysville going over from indiana to illinois is a little bit treacherous." since the rain began last night the conditions have steadily gotten worse. that's why sheriff clark cottom and the rest of the department have been all hands on deck. ready to do whatever it takes to help those in need. "this is going to be challenging. its been a few years since we had a storm like this especially with the ice and the sleet and the snow. it's the perfect combination for trouble." they've also had help from sullivan police and indiana state troopers. they have responded to nearly 20 slide offs or accidents in the county since two this morning. cottom urges if you are involved in an accident to stay in your cars. the slick conditions might make the situation worse if others aren't paying attention. "don't get out of your car and be standing in the road way. we've had people who have been struck by vehicles in a minor property damage accident can result in a fatality if people are out standing out in the roadway." untill the conditions improve both law enforcement and other drivers hope everyone will take their time. the extra time behind the wheel that might just save a life. "everybody to take their time i mean and be respectful of other drivers. i know i was probably going slower than other drivers but take your time and know what you are capable of. don't get involved in an accident." now there is still a layer of ice under the snow it may take a little more time to get roads cleared up. work is also underway to get streets cleaned up back in terre haute. but there's still work to be done. we continue our team coverage with news 10's susan dinkel. susan? [b5]side street cleanups-live when it comes to travel in terre haute .... the key

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