Winter Weather Team Coverage

Winter Weather Team Coverage

Posted: Fri Jan 12 14:28:21 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Jan 12 14:28:22 PST 2018

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in for susl join us in just a few minutes. winter weather.. our top story this afternoon. w-t-h-i t-v has been working around the clock to ensure you and your family have the latest updates on this winter storm. leading that charge.. is our storm team. "kevin".. bring us up to speed with what's going on.. right now. ////////// tonight a 10 percent chance of snow before 7pm. cloudy, then gradually becoming partly cloudy, with a low around 14. north wind 8 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph. saturday partly sunny, with a high near 21. north northwest wind 7 to 9 mph. saturday night mostly clear, with a low around 2. light north northwest wind. storm team 10 meteorologist "brady harp" joins us now live from just outside of "marshall, illinois". he's braving these winter elements that i've been telling you about. brady. winter storm now tapering off in illinois. i am outside marshall illinois and like many areas across the wabash valley there are hazardous driving conditions. the snowfall mostly ended but even the roads that have been cleared of snow are going to be dangerous due to strong winds. the winds are right now blowing snow back across the road. and many other locations are seeing a layer of ice underneath the snow that has already fallen. so don't let your guard down just because the storm has moved out. we are going to see temperatures drop creating freezing conditions throughout the night. of course storm team 10 will keep you up to date on air and online about travel conditions. back to you kevin. kevin adlibs about real time traffic news 10's "garrett brown" has also been out in the elements for the majority of the day.. in one of the hardest hit areas of the valley. he joins us now live from "sullivan, indiana".. and continues our team coverage. "garrett".. how has the weather changed throughout the course of the day? kevin.. the road conditions here have been dicey today. road crews have been out continues our team coverage. "garrett".. how has the weather changed throughout the course of the day? kevin.. the road conditions here have been dicey today. road crews have been out in full force doing what they can to clean up the roads. but once they would make a sweep more snow would come down. just a little bit ago.. i talked with sullivan county sheriff clark cottom. he says they have all their deputy's out on the streets helping those who need help. the layer of ice underneath all the snow makes it extremely slick. the majority of those out on the roads are either trying to make it to their jobs or buy supplies so they can stay indoors. there have been nearly "20"-slide offs reported due to these icy conditions. //////// ""we began having slide offs around 2 am, 3 am right in through there. we worked several throughout the county. fortunately there was not serious injuries or fatalities at this time." " ///////// coming up tonight at 6.. i'll have reaction of those who had to drive out in this weather. i'll also have advice from law enforcement if you find yourself involved in an accident. reporting live from sullivan.. i'm news 10s "garrett brown".. //////// no matter whether you live across the valley this winter weather has impacted travel. news 10's "susan dinkel" is standing by live in terre haute with your latest traffic report. susie. ///////// at this hour.. expect travel on main roadways to be fairly clear, but let me reiterate here.. they are "not" perfect.. just take a look at ohio boulevard. you can see the slush and wintery build-up there. and those "slick spots" could have you slipping and sliding all over the road. now, i've been talking about main roadways... so, how about those secondary roads ... well at this point, they are still pretty hazardous.. and many remain untouched. but understand.. road crews prioritize the roads they tackle .. you're looking at video here from one of the city crews we caught out today.. a shout out to them for all their hard work! unfortunately.. their work is far from over! the lesson here folks.. if you don't have to go out tonight .. don't... and if you do.. take your time and be extra careful! reporting "live" in terre haute.. susan dinkel.. news 10. back to you heather! emergency crews say the "ice" has created a huge obstacle. news 10's "kiley thomas" rode along with crews today to show "you" the conditions they're facing. we are with the vigo county highway patrol right now doing a ride-along. these guys have been busy since 3 this morning - salting the roads and clearing them off for drivers. we want to show you the conditions we are dealing with right now. this is on the northside of terre haute where it is still pretty messy where you can see there. there's piles of snow and sleet. we've talked to indiana state police today. they are thankful to report no injuries so far. there's been a few crashes and several slide- offs. and again, they want to urge drivers to continue to slow down and stay off the roads because these roads are just going to continue to freeze with the dropping temperatures throughout the night. we're going to, of course, continue to track these conditions here at news 10 on air and online. in vigo county, i'm kiley thomas, news 10. obviously this weather has had an impact on schools and businesses all across the valley. news 10 is your headquarters for coverage you can count on.. both on air and online. for the most up to the minute closings and travel advisories .. we've got you covered on w-t-h-i t-v dot com. news 10 remains in constant contact with

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