Red Barn pop up restaurant

Red Barn pop up restaurant

Posted: Wed Jan 03 16:11:18 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Jan 03 16:11:18 PST 2018

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creates a new dining experience for you! the "farmhouse restaurant" is a pop-up restaurant in terre haute. you'll find it at the sycamore farm on poplar street. "the butler's pantry food company" runs the restaurant. you may know the business from its catering operation. the owner says this seasonal restaurant allows the staff to stay sharp on their skills. normally in the cold months of january through march.. it can be kind of a drag. and this is something not only for us to look forward to, but we hope terre haute embraces it.. 'yeah, this is really cool, we should check it out while it's open for three months.' the restaurant will serve meals like duck.. pasta.. and meatloaf. the kitchen uses a lot of local ingredients. you can find the menu and hours online .. we've linked you to it at w- t-h-i t-v dot com. [b15]illinois unclaimed property-vo "2.9" billion dollars. that's how much cash

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