Police and fire pension

Police and fire pension

Posted: Wed Jan 03 16:09:24 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Jan 03 16:09:24 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Police and fire pension

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sponsoring a bill that would make this change. jon joins us live in studio to explain. ////////// patrece, rondrell ... we'll talking about the police officers and fire fighters pension and disability fund. it was established in 1977, and it was local public service officers who approached senator jon ford with the idea of making some changes. right now, a police officer or firefighter must reach the age of 52 plus have 32 years on the job to take advantage of full pension benefits. here are the proposed changes... lowering the age to get full benefits to 50, and lower years on the job to 28. "public service is a young person's job. i think everybody realizes that. there comes a time when you physically and emotionally and mentally just can't or don't want to do the job anymore." "in the environment that we're in, police life expectancy is lower than the norm. and for fire, it's very much lower than the norm. so i think in order for them to retire early, enjoy retirement is important." /////////// adamson told us this legislation would require no additional tax dollars. in fact, the public employees retirement fund, or perf, is overfunded. and it's because public service officers spend a long time contributing to the fund, but not a long time drawing from it due to shorter life spans. back to you. [b8]x crime alert-vo a greene county man facing charges

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