COPD and the cold

COPD and the cold

Posted: Wed Jan 03 15:49:13 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Jan 03 15:49:13 PST 2018

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in terre haute. she joins us now with more on how you can stay safe. i'm here live at the pulmonary rehab center -- where people with breathing disorders come to build up their lung strength. and as i found out -- it's especially hard for those with breathing disorders to get a good breath this time of year. in the middle of union hospitals professional office building -- a room set up much like a gym. "this is an area where our parents with any type of lung disease can exercise under supervision of a respiratory therapist." it's the pulomnary rehab center. a space where people with chronic breathing disorders can build up lung strength. something vital during brutal, winter cold. "breathing that cold air in can be kind of harsh on your lungs. so there's a couple different things we do recommend for patients that have lung disorders. number one is making sure you're taking all the proper precautions, washing your hands, staying out of the cold if you can." that's because the cold temperatures make everyone's body work even harder. "the really cool thing about your lungs is by the time the air you take in, every one of us, when it gets to the split in our airways our bodies are going to find a way to make it 37 degrees celcius and 100 percent saturated with water. so if you're breathing de- humidified air, it's going to pull moisture from your body. if it's cold air, it's going to pull heat from your body." luckily mckanna has a few tricks to share to help with this process. "number one thing if you have a lung disorder is to breathe through your nose, because your nose is actually your built-in humidification system. and so when you pull that air in your nose, it's going to warm it." he also says putting a scarf over your mouth and nose can have the same warming effect -- or running and oxygen tube under your clothes. mckanna even has advice if you're needing a few things from the store. "grocery delivery. so they don't have to go into the grocery store now. a lot of different grocery stores, will actually, you can call your order in and they'll deliver it to your car, so you no longer have to get out." if you'd like to get in contact with the pulmonary rehab center -- we have how to do so at wthi tv dot com. reporting live from union hospital -- lacey clifton, news 10. [b3]blood shortage-otsr vo winter weather is taking a toll on blood donations.

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