Macy's set to close

Macy's set to close

Posted: Wed Jan 03 14:59:28 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Jan 03 14:59:28 PST 2018

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good afternr good .. in for susan dinkel. [b2]macys closing-vo a major retailer that has called the wabash valley home for more than a decade makes a big announcement this afternoon. news 10 has confirmed this breaking news.. within the past hour.. as macy's will soon be closing it's doors at honey creek mall.. soon. rondrell moore is in the studio with what this all means. you could call it a sign of the times... another brick and mortar store closing its doors... as internet shopping keeps growing and growing. macy's in terre haute will be closing it's doors. earlier today.. i had contact with macy's corporate office. they sent a statement saying quote ... "macy's, inc. has been reviewing its real estate portfolio across the country to see if there are opportunities to improve the use of our assets. after careful consideration, macy's has decided to close the honey creek store in terre haute, indiana." this store closure is part of the 100 planned store closures announced in august 2016." officials told employees about the closure earlier today. they say they'll offer severance to regular non- seasonal employees who they aren't able to place. we don't have an exact time frame of when the closing will happen. now.. this is a big story for the retail community in terre haute. we'll of course continue to update you as more becomes available. back to you. [b3]first weather-wx we got a tad bit of a warm up today.. but it's still bitterly

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