YMCA hosts 'Breakfast with Santa' event

Good eats with good ol' Saint Nick took place Saturday morning.

Posted: Sat Dec 16 20:41:42 PST 2017
Updated: Sat Dec 16 20:41:42 PST 2017

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sant nick? today was "breakfast with santa" at the vigo county y- m-c-a. families came out to chow down and hear a christmas story told by mr. claus. kids also made crafts and took pictures with santa as well.. [b12]breakfast with santa-sot vo "i enjoy seeing the families that come back year after year just so happy to be a part of the y community and just seeing the kids grow and know me and the other y staff members. it's amazing." organizers say it's a great way for the community to come together during the holidays. walking tall with degrees in hand...

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