Paris girls beat South Vermillion

Lady Tigers win 64-40

Posted: Sat Dec 16 19:18:04 PST 2017
Updated: Sat Dec 16 19:18:04 PST 2017

Speech to Text for Paris girls beat South Vermillion

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hosted paris... rebbecca berry is a load to try and stop inside....the south vermilion sophomore out battles two paris players for the board and bucket... mallory hawkins gets fouled and just is able to throw up the shot and get it to fall....she led south vermillion with 20... paris has a really good sophomore in sarah isaf ......she drops the the runner, she had a game-high 29.... paris pulls away in second half to win 64-40....lady tigers are now nine and one .... north vermillion was at home taking on georgetown-ridge farm .... hannah ellis cleaning up inside, she gets the offensive rebound and puts

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