Moore to the Story: The gift of life

Moore to the Story: The gift of life

Posted: Thu Dec 07 15:35:50 PST 2017
Updated: Thu Dec 07 15:35:50 PST 2017

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in turn, they teach their kids to live life to the fullest. but keep an on one terre haute dad's special gift. tim wilson had no clue his 9 year old would give him the best award possible. i found moore to their story. 16:03:33,04 "i'm his father first and foremost, but he's absolutely my best friend it's practice day here at the little league diamond. i'm proud to say my best friend is a 9 year old little boy... it's awesome." and coach tim wilson wants his mad dogs to go big, hit hard... and make the plays. so far today, he likes what he sees... but one player in particular is getting a second look. 15:59:09,26 "he's a lot better than i was at that age." he may be just a bit biased. 15:57:19,15 "i actually, i cut his umbilical chord. they are father and son... that's how close we've been. we've been pretty close his entire life." many fathers coach their sons... but their teamwork runs much deeper. 15:55:26,06 "it's been a couple of times where it's been really close. if he wouldn't have been there, i wouldn't be here now talking to you." 16:06:50,13 "well i mean it's my dad, i don't want him to die.... i want to keep him alive." you see.. tim is a diabetic... type one, which means he's had it from birth. he's been managing it for 23 years... but as any diabetic will tell you, sometimes, things just go wrong.... 16:05:10,23 "i was actually scared, because i didn't know what was wrong with him at first, then i figured he had diabetes and his sugar was really low." maddox was 7 years old.. the first time he found his father nearly unconcious. his blood sugar was at dangerous levels. eventually, paramedics came and helped...and maddox learned. 16:06:11,05 "they taught me how to give him shots and how to check his sugar.." he didn't know he'd need that info again. insurance had changed tim's medication. he believes that change caused him to have several more blood sugar scares. many, right in front of his son... 16:00:35,13 "he was the first thing i'd seen. the first thing i remember, you know waking up. when you're sugar's low like that, you're out. you don't remember anything. it's just like you're waking up from a sleep." each time... maddux was there.. keeping his father alive. 15:55:50,14 "at first, it tore me up. it wasn't a good feeling. you know, i felt it was a burden, you know? i'm his father. i should be taking care of him, you know? he shouldn't be having to do these things for me." it's a situation no father wants to imagine. but tim later understood the miracle that was right in front of him.. 15:56:14,20 "for a 9 year old to put as much interest in it as he does, to stay calm, the entire time.... things are better now ... 15:54:46,07 "more or less, he's saved my life numerous times." tim's medication is life numerous times." tim's medication is different, and there haven't been any scares lately... "rondrell: like a built in guardian angel. tim: pretty much, absolutely." maddox wilson.. stepping up to the plate... 16:09:28,15 "i either want to go to the mlb, be a cop, like a detective, or be special in diabetes." eyes on the prize ... and his dad is walking away the biggest winner of all. in terre haute with photojournalist marty ledbetter.. rondrell moore news 10. "hey kevin, what's the weather going to

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