Illinois boy needs service dog

Illinois boy needs service dog

Posted: Thu Dec 07 15:26:35 PST 2017
Updated: Thu Dec 07 15:26:35 PST 2017

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is asking for your help. news 10's kylee stewart joins us live in the studio. she has more on how you can lend a hand.. kylee? when someone you love is in need.. you'd probably do just about anything to help them.. an illinois boy named "tuk" needs a service dog.. and his family is asking for the community's help. tuk is only 4 years old... and he suffers from childhood apraxia of speech. basically it's a condition where the brain doesn't send speech signals properly. he also has autism. he was diagnosed at only two years ago ... and he's 1 out of 5 children in his family. "my attention has to be divided between 5 children" a service dog is able to help children with these types of conditions. a dog would allow tuk to be more independent. he's been approved for the service dog..but his family can't afford it on their own. "a working dog is going to go everywhere with us. and really bridge the struggles that tuk has." that's why they're reaching out to the community... they've begun collecting money for tuk's miracle pet. so far the family has raised almost 3 thousand dollars.. a service dog would cost 11 thousand. his mom says the dog would help not only tuk.. but the rest of the family. "a lot of relief for us and be able to have that bridge for tuk when he's in public and just at home too." and she would feel grateful that her son would get the help he needs. "all this hard work has paid off. and excited and happy." if you would like to help tuk receive a service dog.. we have all the information and donation links on our website.. that's wthi tv dot com. back to you... people at one local healthcare facility got an

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