Latest on Oswald Silver Alert

Latest on Oswald Silver Alert

Posted: Thu Dec 07 15:19:05 PST 2017
Updated: Thu Dec 07 15:19:05 PST 2017

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will reach its one month mark this weekend. good evening. thanks for joining us, patrece dayton has the night off. alice "anita" oswald was last seen at a heating and cooling business on maple avenue on november 9th. her case remains open. her silver alert remains active. news 10's jon swaner spoke with terre haute police to get the latest on where the search for oswald stands. rondrell... the heating and cooling business told police a repair technician agreed to meet oswald at homes she owns along second avenue. she never showed. her disappearance has so many of you talking about what happened. the 77 year old anita oswald and her maroon 2014 honda c-r-v haven't been seen since that day. since that time, police have conducted many searches and have followed up on every lead they receive. and they are still asking for the publc's help. if you think you have a little something on the case, police ask that you call them.. this includes if you've seen an out of place maroon crv. "that's what we're looknig for. at the end of the day, it's about finding her safely and bringing her back. so the vehicle is just another piece of the puzzle in finding her." police say they still have no suspects in oswald's disappearance, but they still hope anyone with information will call terre haute police. back to you. a man who police say kept them on a standoff will spend the next few

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