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A new pregnancy app

A new pregnancy app

Posted: Thu Dec 07 04:30:30 PST 2017
Updated: Thu Dec 07 04:30:31 PST 2017

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first birthday. that's just in indiana. health care professionals are trying to reduce infant mortality. indiana's health department is releasing a "mobile app" for new and expecting moms. news 10's kiley thomas is live to show you -- how this new tool can keep you and your family safe. ////////// motherhood is exciting -- but it's also scary. filled with a long list of questions. and thanks to a new app -- called "liv" -- parents can find their answers! take a look how easy it is! 1. create account 2. track progress -- app will generate articles that are custom to your term 3. resources -- like nearby hospitals and dr visits 4. early education!! this app isn't just for women who are pregnant! also has resources for parenting along the way. for new moms -- like "logen jones" -- she says she relied on other mom's advice. she says she didn't get the attention she was looking for in her doctor's visits. so a credible app like this -- through the health department -- would have taken some of those concerns away! version 2 articles based on how old your baby is examples download it right to your phone by going to the app store "liv: the pregnancy app" "the thing i was most scared about was when my dr didn't check me that often. he only checked me once and that was the day i had him. in one of my apts i actually cried because he didn't check me" coming up in our next half hour -- break down different articles that

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