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Salvation Army needs your help

Salvation Army needs your help

Posted: Wed Dec 06 19:15:05 PST 2017
Updated: Wed Dec 06 19:15:06 PST 2017

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about the season for giving. the "salvation army" continues their push to make change -- literally -- to help those in need. that's with their traditional red kettle campaign... and as news 10's alia blackburn explains... help comes in more ways than one. for a goal of 250-thousand dollars.. the salvation army tells us they're not even halfway there! for every drop inside that kettle -- you'd be surprised where it goes and just how much it helps. nats a few rings.. nats "thank you!" a lot of kindness... nats all done with a smile ... "i told my mom i really want to do this" as a bell ringer for the salvation army... nats it's a job 9-year-old ella tapy takes pretty seriously. "i wanted to give back to the community." and for every donation inside her bucket... "i'll take a penny and nothing less because pennies equal dollars and dollars make change not only in the kettle, but in people's lives." the salvation army says those lives are local. captain jason schaal says they've made about 62- thousand dollars so far.... that money will stretch to services -- outreach and programs like pathway of hope that helps families in poverty. "when it's gathered together, we have an ability thats beyond ourselves to join with our neighbors, to join with our family, and making a greater impact any one of us could have alone." nats so when you see that bell and that smile .... nats you're making a difference -- as well as ella's job -- even more rewarding. "it's fun just to see people donating to people in need." there's about 3 weeks left in the red kettle campaign... you can drop off donations at any participating location or at the salvation army. back to you. [b12]new meadows ownership-vo headon the "meadows shopping center" i terre haute has new owners. at

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