Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Posted: Wed Dec 06 16:07:37 PST 2017
Updated: Wed Dec 06 16:07:37 PST 2017

Speech to Text for Seasonal Affective Disorder

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winter is upon us ... lots of holiday cheer----but, for some's not so cheerful...ofte n dreading this time of the year. news 10's abby kirk explains. nat it's the winter blues... "they call it the hibernating bear syndrome." ...for jeri taylor...a professor at ivy tech. "it can be life changing..." for nearly 20 years -- she has suffered with "seasonal affective disorder" or "sad" f short. "i just felt depressed." it's a type of depression that's related to changes in the season. "it has to happen... pretty much... exclusively in the winter." and---as phycologist, tom johnson, explains... for most people...the symptoms start in the fall and contunue into the winter months. "i felt like i couldn't get up..." soaking up all your energy.... "i've been stuck in the house for several days..." johnson says the reasons why people tend to struggle during the holdays... are endless.... anything from the weather to losing a loved one...can trigger you to feel in the dumps... "i need light..." for taylor... "i need sunlight." it's the gloomy weather that is the cause of her depression. "oh there is no question..." because once the warmer months hit... "i am outside every second of the day..." she can see a difference in her mood. "i don't eat as much ...i'm not sleepy." an expert's advice... "see a physican, see a counselor, see a therapist." is to seek help ... "don't suffer alone. see a doctor." to ease the pain ...and bring some comfort this holiday season. in terre haute, abby kirk, news 10. johnson wants to point out that there "is" a difference between the "seasonal blues"....and actual "depression." he says this can be determined by the two week rule. if your symptoms last longer than 2 may be something more serious. i'll have your full forecast...coming

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