September Make a Difference Award: Heart so big, they call her The Grinch!

Imagine someone describing you as the Grinch who stole Christmas. Sounds like an insult - but it's not.

Posted: Oct. 17, 2017 11:19 AM
Updated: Oct. 17, 2017 11:19 AM

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) - Imagine someone describing you as the Grinch who stole Christmas.

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Sounds like an insult - but it's not.

News 10 honoring a Wabash Valley woman, who some describe as just that - The Grinch! But not for her lack of spirit but for the size of her heart that grows three sizes too big!

And that is why she is our September Make a Difference Award winner.

Finding that perfect volunteer, who devotes every single moment to helping others is not only amazing but extremely rare!

"It's like the Grinch who stole Christmas. Her heart just beats right out of her chest."

P.I.N.K. of Terre Haute, a local organization that helps families battling breast cancer, is thankful to have that perfect volunteer!

"You don't have to ask her to do anything, she does it on her own,” explained Rick Bagnoche with P.I.N.K. of Terre Haute. “And that's hard to find in a volunteer."

Megan Higginbotham was shocked to receive an award that hits close to home.

"Well I was diagnosed with cancer myself so I know how it feels to get that,” Megan explained. “That's all you hear is cancer and you feel immediately, ‘I’m going to die!’ And so I worked through my treatment. So to be able to do this and help others and let them understand, ‘hey I've been here, I know what you've been through, is the best feeling in the world."

Megan not only volunteers her time because she's dedicated to helping others…

"She is not someone who seeks the light in the least bit,” said co-founder of P.I.N.K., Darrin Brucken. “In fact she'll shy away from it. And that's just her personality. She's not doing anything for a thanks from anybody."

She also is dedicated to her friend - Amy Bagnoche, the co-founder of P.I.N.K who passed away almost a year ago from breast cancer.

“I made a promise to her, that I would continue to do this for her and Rick and Darrin and Holly and all -- so to do this, is for her!" Megan said.

A woman who's heart knows nothing but love and devotion for others and does it with a smile on her face!

If you know someone who you think deserves to be our next Make a Difference Award Winner, click here to nominate them.


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