SB 75 would help public safety, communities

SB 75 would make some changes to the 1977 police officers and firefighters pension and disability fund.

Posted: Jan. 3, 2018 6:49 PM
Updated: Jan. 3, 2018 7:16 PM

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - A State Senator from Terre Haute wants to make some changes to Indiana's 1977 police officers and fire fighters pension and disability fund. It would be the first change to this fund since the 1990's.

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Ryan Adamson of the Terre Haute Fraternal Order of Police Lodge told News 10 the conversation with Senator Jon Ford began in February of 2017. 

Right now, a public service officer must reach the age of 52 and have 32  years on the the job in order to receive full pension benefits. If SB 75 passes, that age would be lowered to 50. Years of service would drop to 28.

Said Adamson, "Public service is a young person's job. I think everybody realizes that. There comes a time when you physically and emotionally and mentally can't or don't want to do the job anymore."

"In the environment that we're in, police life expectancy is lower than the norm," said Sen. Ford. "And for fire, that's very much under the norm. So I think for them in order to retire early, and enjoy retirement is important."

Adamson told us this fund is overfunded, mainly due to the fact so many pay so long into the fund, but don't draw out as much due to shorter life spans. Adamson says the change would not cost taxpayers in additional dollars. He also believes it would help police and fire departments across the state with attracting more applicants.

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