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Illianna EMS to serve Vermillion County in 2018

A new opportunity that crosses state lines! Illiana EMS will soon offer paramedic level care to Vermillion County.

Posted: Dec. 6, 2017 6:30 PM
Updated: Dec. 6, 2017 7:08 PM

VERMILLION COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) - A new opportunity that crosses state lines! Illiana EMS will soon offer paramedic level care to Vermillion County.

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Fairview Park resident John Sanquenetti has lived in the area his whole life.

Sanquenetti says "If you've got someone that really needs some extensive care in route to a hospital, you need the most qualified people in that ambulance that you can get."

He says he's excited Vermillion County will soon be covered by the new ambulance service.

Illiana EMS Director Eric Shaughnessy says the change will come in January 2018. Shaughnessy says, "With a paramedic level you can do advanced airwaves, you can start IV’s, you can give medications you can give pain management you can do defibrillation, cardiac pacing, use ventilators. Those are all things paramedics are allowed to do where EMT Basics don't have that capability."

Shaughnessy says just because the service is new, don't think you won't still see some familiar faces. He says, "We’ve hired a lot of people locally, from Vermillion County to work for us. So you're going to see the same faces, you're just going to see them in different uniform and different ambulances, and we're going to be providing a higher level of care."

Besides higher training, Shaughnessy adds that the ambulances will be stocked with state of the art technology. One piece in particular is unique to the area. Shaughnessy says, "We are the first ones in this whole area that has the CPR with the feedback for both adult and pediatric patients. {Which can be the difference between life and death.} It lets us know exactly how effective our CPR is, which during cardiac arrest you need to do excellent CPR."

Shaughnessy says there will be two 24-hour ambulances staffed at paramedic level in Vermillion County, as well as an additional day truck, and paramedic response vehicle.

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