Cold weather and the effects on our pets.

Cold weather usually brings sickness, but it can do the same for our pets too.

Posted: Feb. 14, 2018 3:49 PM
Updated: Feb. 14, 2018 3:54 PM

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - Cold weather is stressful for humans, and this time of year, that usually means sickness. What you may not think of, is that the same thing can happen to animals.

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Weather has an effect on everything, from our daily plans, to sickness, in both us, and our pets.

"Animals get sick just like we do, we fight a lot of upper respiratory illnesses in our cats, we fight a lot of the same in dogs, so it happens, dogs get sick, people get sick. It's all basically the same course of treatment, too."

Fred Strohm is the Operations Manager at the Terre Haute Humane Society. He says during the cold season, our pets really aren't that different from us.

"They're affected by the cold and heat just like we are, so just because they've got that layer of fur doesn't mean that they are able to handle the temperature any better."

Strohm says, if your animal does happen to get sick, the best method to help them is simply by taking them to their doctor.

"Taking them to the vet is the best way to do it, because, same as you and I, if you're sick, we have the ability to get something over the counter, where as they don't really have that ability. The human medicines are not made for the animals."

Now, the good news is, spotting the signs of sickness shouldn't be too difficult. Their symptoms are similar to what we experience.

"A lot of the symptoms we see in animals are the same kind of symptoms that you're gonna see. A runny nose, a cough, a sneeze, I mean, the symptoms are all basically the same."

And although sometimes sickness is inevitable, there is one simple thing you can do to help the cause.

"First and foremost, if you can bring them inside when it's cold, bring them inside, they don't want to be outside and stuck out there any more than we do, and like I said, it affects them in the same way."

So next time you reach for the cold medicine, remember to check on your furry friends, and make sure they are warm and have plenty of food and water.

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