Charging admission for a party in Terre Haute? It might cost you

In an effort to deal with large parties that ended in violence, THPD pushed for what’s called a “dance ordinance.”

Posted: Nov. 17, 2017 6:37 PM

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - Terre Haute Police hope the word gets out that if you charge admission to your party, you may be the one who pays.

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In an effort to deal with large parties that ended in violence, THPD pushed for what’s called a “dance ordinance.” This ordinance requires anyone charging or in some cases hosting large events to get a permit through the city.


In order to get the permit, you must have security and insurance for your event.

“We’re pretty pleased with the results,” THPD Chief John Plasse said. “We’re not out to stop people from having a good time responsibly. It’s the ones who come in and they charge admission and their sole purpose is to make money.”

The latest such party to get fined happened over ISU Homecoming weekend near 4th and Hulman Streets. Police were called to the area after shots were reportedly fired. No one was hurt, but a neighbor said it caused quite the commotion.

“There are all of these college kids just running down the street, and I’m like ‘what is going on here?’” said Kelsey Hollis.

She also said two people were so scared by what had happened that she brought them into her apartment.

“They told me they were at a party in somebody’s backyard, and someone got shot,” Kelsey recalled, “and everybody started screaming and running.”

Police say no one was shot, but this is the type of incident the dance ordinance is supposed to prevent. Anyone organizing a large party must buy a permit with the Board of Works, plus have ample security and insurance.

Said Plasse, “They’re renting houses. You go in there, and there’s really no furniture in there just for them to have these kinds of events and make money on it. So I think that’s important if we take away their profit, they’re going to quit doing it.”

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